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  • Machine Learning - MRI Analysis Project (Part II)

    Although we have discussed quite few steps so far, they were only preparatory (albeit necessary and crucial) and it is only now, in model selection phase, that we actually get our hands on machine learning algorithms. We can further divide this phase into two steps – training and validation. Let’...

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  • Machine Learning - MRI Analysis Project (Part I)

    You’ve heard about it many times already. It is supposedly influencing how we cast our votes, putting people off their jobs and even making sure that the pineapples you buy in your supermarket are always fresh. Machine learning is a hot topic and you are increasingly likely to come across it not ...

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  • Projects, Cows and Apéros. What Was the Semester at ETH Like?

    Hello everybody, after more than a two-months break I am getting back to you with already fourth blog post. Do you know what this means? Don’t worry it doesn’t mean that I decided to bore you with a post of several times the normal length (although, truth be told, this one is bit meatier than the...

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