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  • Projects, Cows and Apéros. What Was the Semester at ETH Like?

    Hello everybody, after more than a two-months break I am getting back to you with already fourth blog post. Do you know what this means? Don’t worry it doesn’t mean that I decided to bore you with a post of several times the normal length (although, truth be told, this one is bit meatier than the...

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  • One Tip on How to Become More Satisfied With Your Studies

    We are nearing the end of November. For most of us this means that the Christmas mood is slowly finding way into our minds. And if you are so lucky to orient yourself still mainly by academic calendar, this also means that you are well into the second half of your autumn semester. The initial ent...

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  • ETHWeek - Challenging Water

    How did you start your day this morning? First, I hope that well. Second, I guess that you did at least one of these: made yourself a coffee, brushed your teeth or took a shower. And to assume this, I don’t have to be particularly good in guessing. This is how millions of people start their day. ...

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