Hi and welcome!

I am Martin and I am passionate about making engineering with biology more accessible for everyone and about using cells to do useful stuff. As a grad student at Department of Bionanoscience at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience in Delft (The Netherlands) I peek into bacterial cells to figure out how they pack their DNA. Besides, I am involved with the iGEM Foundation as a member of Engineering Committee and the Governance and Policy steering group.

I got my Masters’ from ETH Zürich where, in brief breaks from indulging on copious amounts of molten cheese, I worked on things as diverse as neuroscience, bioinformatics, tissue engineering, scanning probe microscopy and internet of things.

My Eastern-European accent, as well as love for any meal that contains way too much potatoes, is from the Czech Republic where I was born and raised. My Bachelor’s is then from Brno University of Technology (BUT) where I worked on biosensors and microfluidics.

Aside form my career in science, I enjoy using different languages I know at some level (there is six of them by now), getting into my body and being active (mainly through calisthenics and longboarding), and picking up odd artsy project.

If you are interested in any of my work or hobbies – hit me up on socials or send me an e-mail!