Hi and welcome!

I am Martin and I am researcher in the areas of synthetic biology and biosecurity. As a grad student at Department of Bionanoscience at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience in Delft (The Netherlands) I am developing new methods to reconstitute and study whole chromosomes in microfluidic compartments.

I am a co-Managing Director of Nulceate NL, an emerging chapter of Nucleate, where I work with academic founders to turn their ideas to businesses.

I am involed with the iGEM Foundation as a judge and team supervisor and previously acted as member of the Engineering Committee and the Governance and Policy Steering Group.

I got my Masters’ from ETH Zürich where, in brief breaks from indulging on copious amounts of molten cheese, I worked on things as diverse as neuroscience, bioinformatics, tissue engineering, scanning probe microscopy and internet of things.

My Eastern-European accent, as well as love for any meal that contains way too much potatoes, is from the Czech Republic where I was born and raised. My Bachelor’s is then from Brno University of Technology (BUT) where I worked on biosensors and microfluidics.

Aside form being a scientist, I am a ‘mover’ and enjoy variety of physical activites, especialy if they have a high skill component (at the moment it is bachata, kizomba, acroyoga, ultimate frisbee and longboarding). I love being outdoors and reading, enjoy trying out new recipes and cooking for others, and am often down to dance the night through.

I am available for consulting, reach out via socials or send me an e-mail.