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  • Installing LabVIEW on Debian Linux

    I am no fan of LabVIEW for multiple reasons, but the truth is, it is hard to replace when it comes to instrument control. Installing it on a Debian machine (e.g. Ubuntu) is possible despite not being officially supported by National Instruments. Here is how to do it.

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  • CharIoTeer, Smart Last-Mile Delivery Project @MakeZurich

    In this post, I will tell you about an IoT device me and my team prototyped at MakeZurich week-long Makerdays. Keep reading if you are a maker, IoT enthusiast or a person interested in using IoT principles in a real world scenario.

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  • Reinforcement Learning, Teaching AI to Play

    In this post, I will demonstrate and explain reinforcement learning code I developed. You will learn how one can train an AI agent to master Atari games and understand the technology behind DeepMind's AlphaGo, the first computer program to defeat professional human Go player.

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