Below you will find loosely organized database of pointers and resources that I found useful in various domains of my life or that I think are otherwise worth sharing with you.


Let’s kick off with pointers related to my work and research.

knowledge base

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Link to advice on being a researcher

czech and slovak scientists

You will find the list here

research fun

Who would say that science can be so much fun

making & hacking


Being in research is overwhelming and often exhausting. I am firmly convinced that keeping a healthy work-life balance and spending time among others and especially those with backgrounds different from yours are crucial in developing yourself as a person and a character, a responsibility that we all have in this world. It also makes the whole life struggle thing much more fun.


  • GiveWell
    • A meta-charity that helps you donate your resources to make the most good
  • You have about 80’000 hours of work in your life. Have you spent sufficient time to think how you will use it to leave the word a better place? This online resource will give you fresh and sometimes pretty surprising perspective.


  • I am an active player of Ultimate (frisbee). Yep that’s correct, the proper name is just “Ultimate”, maybe because it is the best sport ever? Here are some shots from the sport at its best.

visual arts


Here is link to my Spotify profile:


I read a lot, although much less than I would like to :). I maintain a list of books I have read on Goodreads. I am happy for any book recommendations you would like to share


I enjoy podcasts where I learn something new or that made me laugh hard. I am still searching for a good way how to share them here. In the meantime, if you would like to share a podcast recommendation or needed a tip, get in touch!


  • I can highly recommend that you start off with Jekyll and GitHub Pages. It is free and works across platforms.
  • iwantmyname is a great hosting service which I have been using more than 4 years and I am very happy. It is a cool company as well.