I have been physically active in some form since I was maybe seven years old. This was almost exclusively recreational and I tried few different activities. I first did taekwondo before switching basketball, which I played at low level national league in my early teens (I was not really good at it though). Later I switched to Ultimate Frisbee, which I played competitively at national and international (junior) level, competing at junior World and European championships. Since I started university and moved around for my studies, I continue to play frisbee recreationally.

About two years ago, I discovered calisthenics and since then I have grown in love with it. Calisthenics loosely is an exercise practice that aims to develop strength and mobility by using one’s own body weight as resistance. Calisthenics is to me more than a good workout, it is also a mindset of ongoing self-development and love for the outdoors - which I would like to share with others here and in real life.

More recently, I started mixing calisthenics practices with weighted workouts and CrossFit. Both help me to more easily develop strength that is needed to perform some advanced callisthenic skills (such as handstand, muscle up, levers and planche), which goes beyond what one would usually do if they just want to be fit and healthy.

Over time, I would like to develop this page further to help others find their way to calisthenics, and more general become connected to their body in a healthy way, in a manner that reflects their desired activity level. In the meantime get in touch for any inquiries!

Handstand is a skill that I am continously working on
The lovely team I had pleasure to play frisbee with in 2021